I am a researcher engaging in regular activity on Geoinformatics, Spatial analysis, Geodata, and Land-use science, to acquire spatial knowledge that defines and predicts the natural world.


“I am an environmentalist. Just like many of us, I care about the mother nature and aspire to use my skill sets to protect the environment.”

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“I love working on geospatial programming and keen on teaching it as well. Geo spatial programming is a part of my day today work and I enjoy it as a fresh brew of coffee.”

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  Born and raised in Tamilnadu, I encountered many environmental problems though I've focused on a particular one for my thesis in deforestation estimation using airborne digital images to complete my Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication from Cape Institute of Technology, affiliated to Anna University of Chennai, Tamilnadu. Since the beginning of 2009, I was given the responsibility and involving myself in the Geoscience projects and International researches with three master degrees, Master of Technology (M.Tech) in Remote Sensing from Anna University Regional campus – Tirunelveli, affiliated to Anna University of Chennai, Tamilnadu, Master of Science (M.S) in Geoinformatics from University of Muenster, Germany and Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) in Human Resources from Madras University, Tamilnadu, with more than six years of experience. Voluntary Geographic Information System (GIS) certification and a knack for accurately analyzing spatial-temporal data in the research labs and private sectors in Germany, India, and Portugal drives me to receive Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Information Management specialization in GIS from NOVA Information Management System, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal.

  I have published over 20 papers that have been cited more than 190 times and supervised 15 Bachelor of Engineering, 5 Master thesis, and 2 Ph.D. Thesis and evaluated one Ph.D. thesis (as of June 2020). I teach and supervise courses and theses concerning spatial modelling, ecosystem services, geodatabase, land-use, geodata sciences, environmental and urban modelling. I give tutorials on how to employ the Geographical Information System environment for delivering a sustainable world. I am a sufficient programmer in Python, R, and JavaScript. I often use Python, Google Earth Engine, R, and its GIS-related packages to speed up geospatial analysis with batch processing and to accomplish the functions that are not available on GIS software.

  Today, I am a Post-Doctoral Researcher in project FireCast – Forecasting fire probability and characteristics for a habitable pyroenvironment, funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) from School of Agriculture (Instituto Superior de Agronomia), Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal. I regularly give media talks and write articles about environmental health, forest degradation, urban development, sustainability, and climate change, and have been interviewed by international and national newspapers.


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I like to solve problems. I know it is a skill set, but it's also an obligation. I grew up with parents who believe that you don't simply complain: you try to find solutions and fix what's in front of you.

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Learning, Research and Teaching

I love learning, I have love on learners, and I have love of bringing the first two loves together


Miniaturization of Sensors

Mobile Geospatial Sensor Platforms

Geospatial AI

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Advances in Computing capacity for Geospatial Research


Spatiotemporal Statistics and Spatial modelling

Geodata Sciences and Big Geodata

Geographic Information Science and Remote Sensing

Ecosystem Services and Sustainability


Google Earth Engine and R Programming

Geoinformatics and Soft computing

Fundamentals of Remote sensing and GIS

2D and 3D surface modelling

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